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Claire Finley

brilliant, blithe and beautiful, sure, but the ‘B’ in ‘'Lady B' stands for BASS


Florida Weekly Correspondent

There’s no way to describe in words Claire Finley’s skills as a bassist. It’s something you have to hear and experience.

It isn’t just thumping along the tonic notes of chords with an occasional riff in between. She virtually makes the bass sing. Listeners are always blown away, whether they’re critical experts or they’re musically illiterate. She’s got the funk. She’s got the groove. She’s got this skill that attracts her audience’s ears and eyes, and magnetically holds them throughout the show.

Now that she’s been here awhile, I can’t imagine what the Key West music scene would be without her. She’s so adept and prolific with the bass, it has given rise to many more drummers getting work, because now there are more bands onstage instead of just solo and duo guitar acts. Claire Finley’s presence has actually helped provide employment for other Key West musicians.

Claire Finley is a member of six Key West bands in town: The Key Lime Pirates, the E’Claires, Tackleboxx, the Skank, Sodalite and Claire’s Outfit, each with its own style and attitude and accomplished local musicians.. continue >>





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